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LawPavilion is proud to introduce its new innovation: The LawPavilion Case Management System , the software that will transform your legal business, by empowering you to fulfill your clients’ expectations. The LawPavilion Case Management System is the application of digital capabilities to the management of judicial processes and law firm

workflow, making for faster dispensation of justice.

The LawPavilion Case Management System is the latest innovation that is offering to manage schedules, workflow, information and judicial processes on behalf of legal practitioners so as to ensure improved services that will help you in keeping your clients.

  • Caseflow Automation: To help manage the life cycle of cases more effectively and facilitate automation of workflow in your law practice. It tracks and shapes your business processes, increasing your firm's business advantage

  • Case Monitoring: It assists in monitoring the status of cases as it integrates content, processes and people to give you a 360 degree view of a case.

  • Calendaring & Docketing: Organizes schedules as it automatically generates an electronic cause list that allows viewing of tasks, deadlines, court appearances, appointments and meetings by day, week, month or year

  • Records Keeper: Information on all of your cases and matters are accessible through a centralized database; Keep data organized for quick retrieval and easy reference.

  • Digitizer: Electronically store vital records such as clients' records, names, physical address, all your tasks, appointments, deadlines, etc

  • Quick Access: Grants quick access to records through a fast and flexible retrieval system; Gives real time access to documentation, data and analysis.

  • Billing System: Enable automatic monitoring of time spent on each case, while billing the client according to set parameters.

With the use of the LawPavilion Case Management System, Lawyers can always enjoy increased organization, composure, efficiency, flexibility, favourable case outcomes, profitability and most importantly, keep their clients truly satisfied.

Profitability: save time and effort, increase efficiency, productivity and profitability as you optimize case outcomes. Feel on top of your game

Client Satisfaction: LawPavilion Case Management System gives Lawyers greater flexibility in offering their clients the very best of service

Speed: Turbo-charge your practice; practice law at the speed of thought.

Convenience: Enjoy unparalleled convenience, low cost of entry and speedy setup; it's quick to get up and running

Control: Get in control as LawPavilion CMS puts you in charge of your practice and processes. Become more organized and business-like. Focus on more important elements of your practice.

Information Management: LawPavilion CMS helps you to better use, consolidate, organize, share and record information. You enjoy quick access to information

Flexibility: Work from anywhere with prompt availability plus ability to update when back to the vicinity of the Server. Become versatile and unlimited.

Collaboration: Enhance teamwork through continuous seamless collaboration.

Enhance Supervision: You can delegate work to your subordinates. Supervise them better. Be in charge over your people.

Security: Robust data back-up and recovery

Unlike foreign alternatives, LawPavilion Case Management System makes provision for local infrastructural challenges, by making information available, even when internet connection is down.

Lawyers all over the world can use it LawPavilion Case Management System. It has been designed to be in tune with the peculiarities of the African environment.

It is the best option for African countries wishing to automate their judicial processes and companies who desire seamless workflow and integration in case management.

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