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LawPavilion Court Management System is designed specifically to help achieve a just and timely resolution of court matters by providing judges with the tools necessary to speedily find answers, gain critical insights, and adjudicate confidently and efficiently.

It works by decreasing delays and increasing accountability and productivity through integration with judges’ workflow as they share documents, manage matters and track deadlines.

LawPavilion Court Management System runs on

the iOS and Windows Operating systems, and can also be installed on the iPad tablet from Apple Inc. It can be synchronized with a legal or secretarial assistant’s computer.

LawPavilion Court Management System is approved by Apple Inc. (USA) and available on its AppStore.

Target Users: LawPavilion Court Management System is designed specifically for the Judges of the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, Federal High Courts, High Courts, etc.

Judicial Peer Review: This unique system analyzes, summarizes and collates records of cases and automatically populates "Return Forms" for emailing to National Judicial Council for evaluation purposes every quarter

Case Monitoring: It assists in monitoring the status of cases as it integrates content, processes and people to give you a 360 degree view of a case.

Case Manageemnt System: enables judges to manage their workflow processes.

  • Cause List: It automatically generates cause list out of records of proceedings.

  • Case Status Monitor: provides an organized platform through which you can instantly know the status, history, facts, summary, next action on every case in your court.

  • Task List: You can type in your tasks and LawPavilion Court Management System will help you arrange them, and set reminders for your ongoing, outstanding and upcoming tasks.

Y-Cloud: The new add-on feature that enables judges to synchronize their iPad with their secretary’s or legal assistant’s computers. Thus whenever the assistant type in details of court processes on their desktop or laptop computers, those details are automatically seen on the judge’s iPad. The judge can also make amendments on those details, and his amendments are automatically (synchronized) reflected on the assistant’s computers. This enables greater delegation, and better life for judges!

Save time and improve efficiency: Achieve a just and timely resolution of court matters as LawPavilion Court Management System integrate with your workflow, enhance productivity and help you track deadlines

Conveniently work anywhere: Remote access to your files means that judges can work from anywhere. There is no reason for judges to be held down in their offices and desktop computers anymore

Be more Productive: Judges can comfortably write a full judgment anywhere, even at the airport or on the road. It's simply a mobile office!

Get exclusive content:We usually say "if you don't find it on LawPavilion, you’ll likely not find it anywhere else!!"

Gives international flavour to your quality of work, with the integration of Judgments from the Supreme Court of England and America for international comparison

Prompt information: LawPavilion Court Management System will never miss a deadline. It will notify of status of your judgment at The Court of Appeal

Simplicity and Security: Its User-friendly interface makes it easy to use. This secured software runs on your Local Area Network, guaranteeing the security of your confidential information.

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