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LawPavilion is an Electronic Law Report and Research software powered by GIT Limited, for use by Judges, Magistrates and Lawyers.

LawPavilion makes conducting legal research easier than ever before. It helps legal practitioners search for authorities on any subject and get result in seconds, rather than the traditional days (even

weeks) of manual search.

This puts at your fingertips, an e-library of over 9,000 e-books of Law Reports (both Supreme Court and Court of Appeal from 1970 till date), a 43-years consolidated index and law-digest of over 70,000 issues covering all areas of law, selected Laws of the Federation, an industry leading search engine, a 48-hour law reporting system with automatic updates, amongst other features.

  • Largest collection of Judgments of the Supreme Court (from 1970 till date) and Court of Appeal (from 2007 till date) in Nigeria - Over 9,000 cases

  • 48-hour Law Reporting: New Judgments are added within 48 hours of the judgment's release

  • 43-years Consolidated Index and Digest of over 50,000 issues covering all areas of law

  • Unparalleled, efficient and fast Search Engine, with high relevance matching for quick access to authorities on any legal issue

  • Includes Judgments of The Supreme Courts of England and America for International/Global comparison

  • Paginated and Paragraphed e-Books of Law Reports for precise citation, supported with other citations (still the only Electronic Paginated and Paragraphed Law Report in Nigeria)

  • Selected Laws of the Federation and Subsidiary Legislations, also into the Search Engine for easy search

  • Rules of Courts of 36 States, including FCT-Abuja and Federal Courts

  • Court Forms

  • LawPavilion 360°, featuring a special compilation of all Court of Appeal judgments that have been upturned by the Supreme Court

  • Regular update on the veracity of the precedents of the courts

  • Instant alerts to Judges on the status of their judgments at the appellate courts, whether affirmed or upturned.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Accelerate the Speed of Legal Research - 10 times faster (to be conservative). Get authorities on any issue of Law in seconds.

Enhance the quality of your work - we usually say "if you don't find it on LawPavilion, you'll likely not find it anywhere else!!!".

Reinforced with our 360° feature that tests the veracity of any appellate court judgment.

Get ahead of your peers - LawPavilion gives you the competitive edge over their peers in the industry

Convenience (all your cases on an iPad or laptop)

24/7 Productivity - Judges/Lawyers can comfortably write a full judgment or prepare a brief anywhere, having been equipped with all the necessary documents and with an arsenal of the most comprehensive and versatile search-engine-

enabled electronic law reports in the industry, even at the airport or on the road.

It's simply an mobile office or better put, mobile chambers

LawPavilion Electronic Law Report gives international flavour to the quality of your work, with the integration of Judgments from the Supreme Courts of England and America

  • Largest colection of cases from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal - Over 9,000 Cases

  • Most versatile, comprehensive, precise and fastest Search Engine for quick retrieval of authorities on any issue of law

  • Most precise Citation - Still the only Electronic Paginated and Paragraphed Law Report in Nigeria. We also give other available citations.

  • Nigeria's only Apple Computers® Approved Electronic Law Reporting Platform on the AppStore


for the veracity of any authority relied upon in court by the Lawyers. It checks whether any judgment has been upturned by any later decision of the Supreme Court.

Our caption for this is: "if the authorities you intend to rely on have not passed the LawPavilion 360° test, you might be at risk of using overruled authorities."

  • Pay as you use Tariff Cards - LawPavilion Freedom Starter Pack: Get only what you need when you need them! Young and upcoming solo lawyers will find this tariff highly convenient

  • Windows Version - LawPavilion Personal (for Windows) for Legal professionals who want to have access to the complete LawPavilion e-Library

  • Blackberry Version - LawPavilion SMART For Young, Trendy Lawyers and Law Students; your massive legal library on your fingertips! For lawyers and law students who care about instant access to sophisticated professional tools at the most affordable cost.

  • iPad Version for Judges - LawPavilion Judiciary (iPad)

  • iPad Version for Lawyers - LawPavilion Pro (iPad)

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